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Roger Hamilton Wealth Profile Dynamics Talent Dynamics

Many laughed when I mentioned another Personality and Talent test.

But when they started to read their report!





Dear Friends,

Many of us have come across some sort of Personality Test, or even Facebook quiz, promising us to reveal our breakthroughs about our personality.

In many cases the results of these were amusing.
Did they seriously help us to understand ourselves better or improve our lives? Nope!

So I was quite skeptical reading about yet another test, claiming to ease my life by finding my natural path of least resistance.

However, after taking this Wealth Profile test, it hit me, what I had been doing wrong in the past being a creator profile.
Like trying inventions in public tests, where what I call only „public associations“ are valued. This is not the playfield to disclose your genius new “private associations” to a topic.

Sounds obvious right?

Well, I have to admit.

However, as a Creator Profile I was subconsciously driven in this path again and again, getting angry, why the „jury“ was so narrow minded!

Mission impossible.

After finding out about my profile, I know when to play the creator’s game and when just to play it safe or delegate work.

Mission accomplished.

So what is this Wealth Dynamics Test and why should you take it, to save you thousands of hours of wasted efforts while not being in the flow?

Wealth Dynamics testing in a nutshell

Wealth Dynamics Lighthouse Roger HamiltonMany people think that there are hundreds of routes to wealth. With Wealth Dynamics, you’ll see that there are actually only eight paths to wealth and that one of those paths is the correct one for you.

These paths are highlighted by the successful people who have achieved wealth through following their natural path. This is to say, they found the wealth dynamic match that suited their talents.

And they seem to reach their goal a lot more effortless than many of us who have not found their path.

Does it make you feel angry sometimes seeing other people achieving more while you are working a lot harder as you have been told to?

Well, this is why. They play in their sweetspot. And you do not.

Could you imagine Richard Branson as a footballer, or Bill Gates as a fish monger?

No, they discovered the talents they were born with and capitalized on them. They followed a path that they loved, their path of least resistance and they excelled at it. Wouldn’t you like to find your path, benefit from your natural strengths and excel?

Let’s take a brief look at each of these eight wealth profiles…

The Creator

The Creators can’t help creating! They are good at creating profitable ideas and businesses, but not so good with the day to day running of a business. Successful creators will delegate everything, except the creative process. Example: Walt Disney

The Mechanic

Mechanics are perfectionists who like to finish things, rather than create them. They want to make everything better – fine tune them. Example: Henry Ford.

The Star

It is easy to spot a star. Obviously, you have film, music and sports stars, but high profile CEOs can also be thought of stars. They rely on the strength of their personality and are aware of the pressure of always having to deliver. Example: Oprah Winfrey

The Supporter

Supporters are great networkers with loads of energy and enthusiasm. Their greatest wealth can be achieved when they join forces with a Star, Creator, Deal Maker, or Mechanic. Example: Steve Ballmer

The Deal Maker

A deal maker relies on relationships, connections and being able to react intuitively when the best opportunities present themselves. Example: Donald Trump

The Trader

A trader is someone who naturally hunts out bargains, naturally loves haggling and gets immense satisfaction from a great deal. They are equally as good at finding high price buyers. Example: George Soros

The Accumulator

Incremental growth is the key to this wealth dynamics profile. They are patient and disciplined and will stick fast to a successful system. Example: Warren Buffet

The Lord

The Lord likes to control everything. You can find a lord where there are fixed assets generating cash. They don’t want attention like the stars and like to create wealth quietly. Example: Ingvar Kamprad

These carefully thought out profiles are the result of years of studying the approaches of hundreds of successful wealth creators combined with Chinese philosophy.

Knowing which of these wealth profiles is yours, is like having the keys to the vault of the Bank Of England.

WealthDynamics TalentDynamics RogerHamilton

Roger Hamilton Wealth Dynamics Talent Dunamics Lighthouse

20,000 entrepreneurs have already found their true profile and are discovering, with amazing clarity the direction towards true wealth for them.

Why don’t you join them? And you even have an advantage as during the current Pre-Launch you can get a super special price!

This is offered while this article is written… as the official launch starts soon.

Act now and find out your path of least resistance.
In case you don’t want to join the Pre-Launch or read the article later after the Pre-Launch finished, you can still simply take the test here:

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To your learning success,


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