Dez 202012
  • futureandmindsMany of us have often heard, especially from our parents, that it would be good to travel. To reside in other cultures. It is said that this is broadening the mental horizon. But what exactly is meant by this? And why would a journey with many unusual things and behaviors be good for my development? Now, from birth, we have a huge reservoir of human potential available. Often, unfortunately, only a fraction of this potential „Kissed“ awake, as my friend Vera F. Birkenbihl put it. Yes, not only princesses have to be kissed awake. Even our potential needs this type of attention. Unfortunately, our national culture often acts as a filter to the potential we possess by nature.  Although focused, it is  also limiting. Experience with other cultures can  activate random parts of our  „potential pizza“ that were previously unused. Everything new that we throw in our „potential bowl„, can bring great new results. Sometimes new creations by  exciting mixtures of cultures. Try it. And kiss your potential awake.

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