Jan 312012
Is your brain "on vacation" while you take a break?

Maybe it is thinking of your last beach vacation. Or about the things you really need to buy today. Perhaps it is secretly improving your chances of recalling any information you just read before.   Unlikely? Possibly, but research shows that breaks indeed can enhance our remembrance. And it maybe a good idea if you […]

Jan 282012
Why learning a new skill is so demanding!

In today`s issue we want to talk about learning a new skill. A few naturally impatient souls (this fast moving world creates that in you, doesn’t it?) have asked why learning a new skill is often so demanding and seems to take forever. Like a sisyphos project. After all we can watch somebody practise the […]

Jan 232012
Find out how to improve your mental powers

To improve your mental powers your goal should be to start new things which you have never done before. This will force your brain to create new braincells and new connections. The more you follow this approach the more new connections your brain will establish and the more intelligent will you be. Of course our […]

Jan 192012

Mnemonic techniques were originally invented by the ancient Greeks. But what are mnemonic techniques really? Any learning system that supports the recall of information can be defined as a mnemonic technique. For that purpose information needs to be shifted from the short term memory to the long term memory. To improve this process mnemonic systems […]

Jan 182012
Know your intelligence style!

I fear that some readers may underestimate the importance of knowing the own intelligence style. Is the theory of multiple intelligences just one these new ideas which will join the forgotten parade soon? I would answer that with “no”. Often people judge new theories or breakthroughs without having enough knowledge of them. Or tried them […]