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Dear Reader,

We would like to offer you a a journey to sensational, very hard to find ideas and skills, at a fraction of the time and effort you normally invest to find and master them.


Well, some unkind people think that we spend all our time reading awesome books, sitting in the most beautiful coffee houses, with the best atmosphere and with inspiring people.

And we have never admitted that.

Maybe because they are so right.

The only bad thing, is that the best ideas are the least published – and the worst ideas have been practiced over and over in the world.

And so to do our job (which is to find you ideas and strategies that are better than those you can buy at your local bookshop, often for free, by the way) we have to ignore the massive ignorance towards new ideas.

Often enough, it takes many years, until good ideas prevail and are known to the public.

Let this site become your catalyst and you will be one step ahead of the general public. If not many.

To do our job properly, we have to discover the little known hidden ideas in the back of the shelf.

Or the ones which have just been released.

The pioneers who are too passionate about creating new concepts to bother about spreading these ideas.

The kind of tinkerer, who will stay up the whole night with countless coffees until the rooster announces the approaching morning, to get the final twist on the new concept. But won’t answer the phone at daytime when we try to get a glimpse of their new creation.

To get them to answer (and therefore their concepts and strategies) we decided to put up this site and invite a group of our “knowledge pioneers” customers to join together.

Look – the transition from industrial to postindustrial, service and  knowledge societies is happening at faster and faster pace.

So we should know what skills and talents will wey need to know for our successful future.

The subscriber list here is growing and growing.

Here is what readers of the concepts say:

“I had no idea there were so many fantastic future ideas and concepts in the world that I have never heard of before.“

“Wow, with this knowledge each approach of content has another face“.

„I am very impressed with the ideas and concepts I am reading here. Brilliant new ideas“.

So what can we do for you?

Just for signing up to our newsletter, we would like to give you the fantastic ebook „Anyone can draw“ by Vera F. Birkenbihl for free, based on the work of Betty Edwards and her famous book „Drawing on the right side of the brain“.

And it covers a lot more than learning to draw. I can guarantee you that.

It is about listening to your inner artist‘ s voice and using your right brain.

After that you will receive our free newsletter with the best and most recent discoveries about future and minds. We will select the absolute best for our subscribers.

And we will tell you why we think they are the best.

You can just sit back and relax while we deliver you all knowledge you need so your mind is prepared for the future.

Take your first step today.

To your learning success,

Future and Minds

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