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Dirk Tietjen

Dirk Tietjen is the owner of MurdiMedia and publisher of the magazine futureandminds. With MurdiMedia he specializes in creating Information products mainly within the field of accelerated natural learning, brain research, neuroscience and management theories. Dirk has been a corporate lawyer for many years and was allways challenged to research and implement new knowledge easily and effectively. Therefore he has had many years of experience in „administrating information“ and found effective and easy ways, how to get information in one`s head without any struggle, but in the state of a “flow”. Learning to learn has become his passion and Dirk is allways looking for the newest developments or bringing back the oldest hidden secrets.



Vera F. Birkenbihl  +

Vera F. Birkenbihl is the founder of the Institute for Brain Friendly Learning. She holds the distinction as one of Germany’s most sought after management consultants having taught over 300,000 students. Sales of her best-selling books have exceeded several  million copies. She is a psychologist who also studied in the United States where she gained a keen grasp for the nuances of the English language. She is fluent in several additional languages, a testimony to her famous Birkenbihl method of instruction and learning. To our all sad surprise Vera F. Birkenbihl died in December 2011 as a result of a disease while in the development of joint future projects. To keep her wisdom and knowledge alive this magazine will finish these projects and publish her fantastic work as contribution for life long learners.

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