Dez 202012
Why intercultural influence is important to use your full potential!

Many of us have often heard, especially from our parents, that it would be good to travel. To reside in other cultures. It is said that this is broadening the mental horizon. But what exactly is meant by this? And why would a journey with many unusual things and behaviors be good for my development? […]

Jan 312012
Is your brain "on vacation" while you take a break?

Maybe it is thinking of your last beach vacation. Or about the things you really need to buy today. Perhaps it is secretly improving your chances of recalling any information you just read before.   Unlikely? Possibly, but research shows that breaks indeed can enhance our remembrance. And it maybe a good idea if you […]

Jan 232012
Find out how to improve your mental powers

To improve your mental powers your goal should be to start new things which you have never done before. This will force your brain to create new braincells and new connections. The more you follow this approach the more new connections your brain will establish and the more intelligent will you be. Of course our […]