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3Zerotohero2015-02-20_20-54-34If you visit a one day seminar you must have one of the following hopes:


  1. The seminar leader or
    speaker knows something you don`t.
  2. The seminar leader or speaker has the ability to transmit that knowledge to you.
  3. You hope to meet interesting contacts that are helpful for you or your business in the future.

Many times these hopes were not fulfilled.

There are two major reasons. The first is the benefit of short seminars depends to a high degree on the current knowledge basis of the participants.

The second is the knowledge level the speaker aims at with his presentation. If he targets your skill level you are lucky. But even then chances are high you will have to deal with information overload.

Learning takes time, braincells have to be established and have to make new connections. That cannot be hurried. So to teach the basics and advanced materials at the same day will come for most participants too early (the beginners).

For those who are not beginners an equal challenge arises. Being bored. Listening to material you have already mastered surely does not put you in a „flow“ – experience in the sense of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

The ancient martial arts have always had this knowledge. Therefore they practice every movement and kick over and over in a slow manner.

Brain cells can connect and the right movement can go to a subconscious level.  Unconsciously Competent. If you do not know what that means: know how to accomplish the skill without thinking about it.

But I will cover this topic much deeper in a later issue of futureandminds.

For now let`s keep in mind  in order to learn new skills we should start slow.

Especially if the new skills involve more actions than knowledge. In any effort to learn new actions you have to trade your theoretical knowledge into practical actions. And that takes time.

If you make the effort for this trade you will receive great benefits. But it takes patience.

Therefore, you should not have unrealistic expectations on one day seminars. But there will be an immediate benefit. There will most likely be many like-minded people which can be your mastermind group for future progress. And that is mighty.

Plus, you have a shared emotional experience of that seminar day.

It is always easier to reactivate knowledge and trade it against action later, after having had a shared emotional experience. We know that after game discussions of sport events are a lot more vivid after having been in the stadium, right?

So with that perspective in mind one day seminars can cure you.

Just don`t expect the miracles promised by unrealistic marketing slogans.

To your learning success,



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